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Introduction ~ Junior High School Students Grade VII


Introduction ~ Junior High School Students Grade VII
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Introduction Is an expression to tell about yourself to new people you have just met. The introduction begins with asking each other's names. It also includes other details, such as origin, school, hobbies, and much more. 

1. Introduce Yourself

Here are some expressions to Introduce yourself.

a. My name is...
b. I'm
c. Nice to meet you, I’m...
d. Pleased to meet you. I’m...
d. Let me introduce myself. I’m...
f. I'd like to introduce myself, I’m... 


My name is Aisyah, A-I-S-Y-A-H.
I am a student.
I go to SMP 1 in Samarinda.
I was born in Balikpapan on 24th March 2009.
I live at Jl. Gajah Mada No. 15. My phone number is 08123456789
I like reading and listening to music.
My dream is to become a doctor.
My parents’ names are Mr. Arif and Mrs. Rusmita.
I have one brother. His name is Akram. 
My blood type is O.
You can email me at aisyah0303@gmail.com.
I am in VIIC.

2. Introduce Others.

Here are some expressions to introduce others.

a. ...(your 1st friend), please meet .... (your 2nd friend) 
b. ...(your 1st friend), have you met...
c. I'd like you to meet ...(your 2nd friend) 
d. I'd like to introduce you to ...
e. ... (your ist friend), this is ...(your 2nd friend) 


You can respond to the introduction with the following expressions: 

a. Nice to meet you.
b. Pleased to meet you.
c. How do you do? 


Akram: Baim, Sabrina, this is my childhood friend, Dito.
Baim & Sabrina: Hi. Pleased to meet you. 
Dito: Pleased to meet you, too. Do you and Dino know each other for a long time? 
Sabrina: We are classmates. 
Baim: It seems like you don’t come from this town. Where do you live? 
Dito: Yes. I live in Bandung now. 
Sabrina: Oh, my grandparents live there. 
Dito: You can visit me if you go to your grandparents’ house.
Akram: I hope we could travel to Bandung together someday.
Baim & Sabrina: It would be interesting. 

When you want to get to know someone, you often ask about their personal identity. Question about personal identity is including someone’s name, domicile, hometown, when he/she was born, hobbies, and many more. However, we should not ask him/her about too much personal information such as religion. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Questions Responses
What is your name? My name is ...
Where do you live? I live in ...
Where are you from? I am from ...
When were you born? I was born in ...
What do you like? I like ...
What is your hobby? My hobby is ...
What do you do in your free/spare time? I like doing ...

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