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Hobby ~ Junior High School Students Grade VII


A hobby is an activity that we routinely do in our spare time and is our pleasure activity. Hobbies can be in the form of collecting objects or similar items, participating in artistic and creative activities, specific sports activities, or other fun activities.

Hobby ~ Junior High School Students Grade VII

Here are some hobbies that we often follow or do:

Examples of hobbies
1 philately pengumpulan perangko
2 painting melukis
3 singing bernyanyi
4 dancing menari
5 photography fotografi
6 crafting kerajinan
7 playing music bermain musik
8 reading membaca
9 writing menulis
10 playing basket bermain basket
11 playing tennis bermain tenis
12 swimming berenang
13 playing football bermain bola
14 cycling main sepeda
15 skateboarding bermain skateboard
16 gardening berkebun
17 gaming bermain game
18 cooking memasak
19 fishing memancing
20 hiking mendaki gunung
21 listening music mendengarkan musik
22 coding pengkodean

Here are some examples of sentences that use hobbies:

Do you have any hobbies?
What are your hobbies?
What's your dad's hobby?
What is your mother's hobby?
What is your brother's hobby?
What is your sister's hobby?

The following is an example of a dialogue about hobbies.

Andy: Hello Tita, what are you painting?
Tita: Hello Andy. I'm painting a landscape.
Andy: Is painting your hobby?
Tita: Yes, exactly. I love painting since childhood. What's your hobby, Andy?
Andy: My hobby is playing soccer. I've been practicing since elementary school. I even joined a soccer school near my house.
Tita: No wonder you are so energetic. It's because you like sports.
Andy: Thank you Tita for the compliment. Your painting is also very beautiful. You are very talented Tita.
Tita: Thank you, Andy, I really appreciate it.
Andy: Alright Tita, I have to go now. See you again.
Tita: See you again.

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