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Conjunction ~ Pengertian, Jenis, Fungsi, dan Contohnya

Conjunction ~ Pengertian, Jenis, Fungsi, dan Contohnya.

Conjunctions adalah kata-kata yang menghubungkan satu bagian kalimat atau informasi dengan bagian lain.

The conjunctions because, so, and therefore digunakan untuk menghubungkan kata-kata untuk alasan atau sebab dan akibat.

The conjunction ‘so that’ adalah untuk menghubungkan kata-kata yang menunjukkan maksud atau tujuan.

The conjunctions although and but digunakan untuk menghubungkan kata-kata yang berbeda dan biasanya tidak bersamaan.

Berikut adalah beberapa contoh conjunctions:

1. I'm happy because today is my birthday.
2. It's cloudy, therefore I bring an umbrella with me.
3. I woke up late so I arrived at school late too.
4. Although I have told him the truth, he still doesn’t believe it.
5. Alinda is a famous star, but she is very modest.
6. We left early so that we wouldn’t be late.
7. I'm so sad because I got a bad mark on my science project.
8. Dina and Dini are twin sisters, but their faces do not look similar.
9. I like cakes and cupcakes, but I do not like potato chips.
10. Although Andy is so rich, he is not arrogant.

Complete each sentence with one of the sentences below it.

1. The children are playing in the garden ...
2. He took his new toy to school ...
3. The children are wearing their aprons ...
4. You can watch a video ... 
5. Go to bed early ...
6. The children went inside ...
7. John took a map ...
8. I haven't finished my breakfast, ...
9. Social science subjects need a lot of reading, ...
10. Let’s write down the address ...

a. so you're not tired in the morning
b. because it had started to rain
c. so he could show it to his friends
d. because you've done homework
e. because they are going to start to paint
f. so we don’t forget it
g. therefore I make myself read books every day
h. so that he wouldn’t get lost
i. although it is drizzling
j. because I don't want to be late for school.

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