Public Places in English Exercise with The Answer

Public Places in English Exercise with The Answer.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate public places.

1. We're going to go see the latest movie in the ... .
2. Andi and Dina went to the ... to borrow books.
3. We had dinner at the ... to celebrate our parent's wedding anniversary.
4. I stayed at 5-star ... while in Bali.
5. Our family went to the ... last weekend, to see different kinds of animals.
6. My father accompanied me to the .. to save my money.
7. My sister sent a job application letter to the ... .
8. Mr. Dodi reported the theft at his house to the ... .
9. Mother goes to the ... every morning to buy our kitchen needs.
10. We had to head to the ... so as not to miss our flight.
11. Our school visits ... to learn about ancient objects and ancient animals.
12. Dita went to her friend's birthday at the ... where she usually hangs out.
13. Our parents always take us to the ... once a month to buy school supplies.
14. The accident victim was taken to the ... for treatment.
15. Sandi bought headache medicine at the ... .
16. Students go to ... from Monday to Friday.
17. My sister will continue her studies at ... after graduating from high school.
18. We went to the ... to take a walk and buy clothes.
19. Mom buys cat food at the ... .
20. We bought bread at a ... near our house.

Key Answer:
1. cinema/theatre 2. library 3. restaurant 4. hotel 5. zoo 6. bank 7. post office 8. police station 9. market 10. airport 11. museum 12. cafe 13. bookstore 14. hospital 15. drug store 16. school 17. university/college 18. mall 19. pet store 20. bakery
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