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Simple Present Tense Exercise

Simple Present Tense Exercise with Answer.

Simple Present Tense Exercise

Choose the correct answer from four possible answers.

1. He ... to school by motorbike every morning.

a. go

b. goes

c. gone

d. going

2. Andy and Mark ... badminton at Tsamara every Saturday night.

a. plays

b. played

c. play

d. played

3. Earth ... one satellite which we call the moon.

a. had

b. have

c. having

d. has

4. Aisyah always ... her homework on time.

a. do

b. does

c. done

d. doing

5. My family and I ... on vacation to Derawan Island this week.

a. am

b. is

c. are

d. was

6. Akram ... videos for his channel every day.

a. makes

b. made

c. make

d. making

7. The sun ... from the east, and sets from the west.

a. rise, sets

b. rises, sets

c. rose, set

d. rising, sets

8. Polar bears ... in the North Pole.

a. live

b. lives

c. lived

d. living

9. We ... basketball on the school basketball court.

a. practice

b. practices

c. practiced

d. practicing

10. My father ... his car to the repair shop every 3 months.

a. took

b. takes

c. take

d. taking

11. The teacher ... students to pay attention to the explanation.

a. asks

b. ask

c. asked

d. asking

12. We always ... twice a day, morning and evening.

a. showering

b. shower

c. showers

d. showered

13. He ... a very complete collection of comics.

a. having

b. have

c. had

d. has

14. Ceremony officers ... all the necessities for Monday's flag ceremony.

a. prepare

b. prepares

c. preparing

d. prepared

15. Students ... a semester break at the end of the year for 2 weeks.

a. got

b. get

c. gets

d. getting

16. Dad ... Akmal's broken bicycle in the garage.

a. fix

b. fixed

c. fixes

d. fixing

17. Mother ... breakfast before we go to school.

a. prepare

b. prepares

c. prepared

d. preparing

18. Aisyah ... to read books about science.

a. like

b. likes

c. liked

d. liking

19. Students ... to answer the teacher's questions.

a. scramble

b. scrambles

c. scrambled

d. scrambling

20. Talita always ... in this year's online speech competition.

a. participates

b. participate

c. participated

d. participating

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