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Question Tag Exercise with The Answer

Question Tag Quiz: 15 Questions Level Test - Beginner (Part 1)

Question Tag Exercise with The Answer
Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Choose the correct answer from the four options.

1. Kate told the truth, ...?

A. isn't it

B. didn’t she

C. will she

D. did she

2. Your parents prefer you to study in Australia, ...?

A. don’t they

B. do they 

C. isn’t it

D. is it?

3. Dorena mustn't study too late into the night, ...?

A. must she

B. should she

C. will she

D. has she

4. The boys enjoyed the picnic, ...?

A. did they

B. didn’t they

C. won't they

D. will they

5. The gate has been closed, ...?

A. had it

B. has it

C. hasn't it

D. haven't it

6. We can leave now, ...?

A. can we

B. can't we

C. could we

D. Couldn’t we 

7. The suggestion he gave wasn’t good, ...?

A. isn't it 

B. was it 

C. is it

D. wasn’t it 

8. We shouldn't complain about the food, ...?

A. could we

B. should we

C. will we

D. must we 

9. It is not advisable to smoke, ...?

A. isn't it

B. is it

C. will it

D. won't it? 

10. You will go jogging if the weather is good, ...?

A. won't you

B. will you

C. would you

D. wouldn’t you 

11. His dream is to study medicine, ...?

A. was it

B. is it

C. isn’t it

D. won't it

12. They haven’t resigned from their jobs, ...?

A. have they

B. had they

C. did they

D. must they 

13. Dicky expected our school team to lose, ...?

A. isn't it

B. wasn’t it

C. hasn’t he

D. didn’t he 

14. Roy test-drove the car before buying it, ...?

A. hasn't he

B. isn't it

C. wasn't it

D. didn’t he

15. She can converse in Malay, Chinese, and Tamil, ...?

A. can’t she

B. couldn't she 

C. won't she 

D. didn't she

Key Answers
1. B. didn't she 2. B. do they 3. A. must she 4. B. didn't they 5. C. hasn't it 6. B. can't we 7. B. Was it 8. B. should we 9. A. isn't it 10. A. won't you 11. C. isn't it 12. A. have they 13. D. didn't he 14. D. didn't he 15. A. can't she

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