Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Introduction ~ Junior High School Students Grade VII

Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Introduction.

Choose the most correct answer, whether A, B, C, or D.

Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Introduction ~ Junior High School Students Grade VII
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1. Good morning. I am Handi Suhanda. Please call me Andi. I am an entrepreneur. I live with my 
    family in Bandung. My phone number is 2948320. I like reading books very much. 

The statement above is an example of ...

A. self introducing
B. inviting people
C. asking the name
D. reporting news

2. Mrs. Monica is a new member of the school committee. She introduces herself. 
    Mrs. Monica: Ladies and gentlemen,...

A. let me introduce you to the audience 
B. allow me to introduce myself
C. I am happy to meet you 
D. it is okay to see you 

3. May I introduce myself? The underlined word has the same meaning as...

A. annoy
B. greet
C. confess
d. acquaint

4. Arrange these jumbled words into a correct sentence. 

I would ~ Hi! Friends ~ myself ~ like ~ to introduce
      1                 2                   3           4               5
The correct arrangement is...

A. 1,4,5,2,3 
B. 2,3,1,4,5
C. 1,4,5,3,2
D. 2,1,4,5,3

Read the text below to answer questions 5 to 8. 

Dear Prita, 

Hello, my name is Ida. I am from Banjarnegara, a small town in Central Java. Now I am 12 years old. I study in Rakit Junior High School grade VII. 

I have a sister; Dinda. She is ten and still in elementary school. My sister has straight hair, but I don’t. Mine is a little bit wavy. Anyway, we have the same hobby; singing.

Prita, I want to be your pen-friend. I know your name from a magazine. Would you be my pen-friend? Please reply to my letter and tell me more about you. 



5. The letter addresses to...

A. Banjarnegara
B. Dinda
C. Prita
D. Ida

6. Where does Ida go to school?

A. SMP Rakit
B. Elementary school
C. Rakit Senior High School
D. Banjarnegara Junior High School

7. How old is the writer?

A. Eleven
B. Twelve
C. Nine
D. Ten 

8. What is the purpose of the text?

A. Asking for information.
B. Introducing someone.
C. Telling experience.
D. Getting pen-friend.

The following dialog is for questions 9 to 11.

Kiki: Hello, Agnes.
Agnes: Hi, Kiki. Nice to see you.
KikI: Nice to see youtoo. How are you?
Agnes: Fine, thank you. And you?
Kiki: I am quite well, thanks. May I introduce my friends? This is Nelly. This is Tora and that is Nana.
Agnes: How do you do everybody? Glad to meet you.
Nelly, Tora, and Nana: How do you do, Agnes? Glad to meet you, too.
Agnes: Anyway, I am sorry but I am in hurry.
Kiki: Oh! Are you? See you again sometime. Goodbye, Agnes.
Agnes: Goodbye everybody. Glad to have met you. 

9. The dialog above is to express ...

A. an introduction to people
B. a greeting card
C. a complaint
D. an advice

10. How do you do everybody? The underlined word refers to ...

A. Nelly, Tora, Nana
B. Tora and Kiki
C. Agnes 
D. Kil 

11. What is Nelly, Tora, and Nana response to Agnes’s expressions?

A. You're welcome.
B. How do you do?
C. How are you? 
D. Thank you.

12. Isti wants to introduce Fina to her brother. 
      Isti: Fina, this is my brother, Anton, and Anton this is Fina. 
      Anton to Fina: .... 

A. How is he? 
B. How is your brother?
C. It is nothing at all. 
D. Hi, nice to meet you.

13. Amin: This is my sister. 
      Akbar: ... is she? 
      Amin: She is twenty-five years old. 
      Akbar: Where does she work? 
      Amin: She works in a bank.

A. How beautiful
B. How good
C. How old
D. How far

14. Jodi: Hi, my name is Jodi. 
      Amel: Hi, Jodi. I'm Amel. ....
      Jodi: Semarang. We’ve just moved here. 

The suitable question to fill in the blank is ... 

A. Where do you come from?
B. Where are you going?
C. How are you?
D. And you?

15. Tina: Jane, what is your hobby?
      Jane: Swimming, and how about you?
      Tina: ... I do it on Sunday morning.

A. To make fried rice.
B. I like jogging.
C. I play running.
D. Singing.

16. Cindy is very familiar with the schedule of movies, news, entertainment, and others on TV. That 
      means Cindy's hobby is ...

A. sweeping the yard
B. cooking meals
C. watching TV
D. swimming

17. Nada: What are you doing in your spare time?
      Diana: I like...
      Nada: Wow! It’s cool. Can you teach me how to make cupcakes? 
      Diana: Sure.

The correct hobby to complete the dialog is ...

A. playing piano  
B. traveling 
C. reading
D. cooking

18. ... is a good hobby for your future. It doesn’t only give you financial benefits, but also accustom
      you to live simply.

A. sleeping
B. cheating
C. fishing
D. saving

19. I am like play basketball, can I join the team? The sentence contains grammatical errors.
      The correct one is ...

A. I am liking play basketball, can I join the team?
B. I like playing basketball, can I join the team?
C. I like play basketball, can I join the team? 
D. I am play basketball, can I join the team?

20. Shinta really loves eating healthy food, especially ... . It contains various vegetables with high 
      nutrition or fruit. She can’t eat fast food because it is bad for her health. 

      Shinta’s favorite food is ...

A. bread
B. salad
C. nutrition
D. junk food

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