Asking and Giving Attention | Junior High School Students Grade VIII

Asking For and Showing Attention

In a meeting, usually, we often see some people who do not pay attention to what is being discussed. They seem to have their own business. People who are not disciplined like that can disrupt the meeting.

Asking and Giving Attention | Junior High School Students Grade VIII
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Likewise in class, for example, there are students who do not pay attention to the teacher explaining the lesson. These students chatted, played with cellphones, and even worse, disturbed other students. To get attention (asking for attention) and ensure students understand teaching materials well (checking for understanding), teachers usually ask students to pay attention to the explanations.

Here are some expressions asking for attention.

Asking for Attention
1 May I have your attention, please?
2 Could I have your attention, please?
3 Can I have your attention, please?
4 Please pay attention.
5 Attention, please.
6 Excuse me!
7 Listen to me!
8 Sssh, look at me!
9 Hello there!
10 Hey!
11 Sorry to trouble you.
12 Sorry to bother you.
13 Look what I've got here
14 Look here.
15 Look!

Important :
  • The number 1, 2, 3, and 4 phrases are considered formal (more formal) than the others.
  • Formal expression is used to call attention to our co-workers, elders, or superiors.
  • Less formal expression, usually, is used for younger people (in class) or close friends.
    On the other hand, to show politeness and as a form of appreciation, sometimes we need to show attention to the speaker. Also, expressions used to show concern can make a conversation feel more lively. Here are some expressions showing attention.

    Showing Attention
    1 Wow, really?
    2 I see.
    3 Please tell me more about it.
    4 How interesting.
    5 What's next?
    6 Oh, no!
    7 Oh my God, what happens next?
    8 Yeah, I know what you mean.
    9 Hmm, yes. And then what?
    10 Tell me more.
    11 Really?
    12 Is he?
    13 Have you?
    14 What happened next?

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