50 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD Semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka

50 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 SD Semester 2 Kurikulum Merdeka.

In this section, please choose one of the best answers to the questions!

Vocabulary and Simple Sentences

1. What is the color of the sky on a clear day?
a. Green
b. Blue
c. Red
d. Yellow
Answer: b. Blue

2. Which animal says "meow"?
a. Dog
b. Bird
c. Cat
d. Cow
Answer: c. Cat

3. What do you wear on your feet to walk outside?
a. Hat
b. Gloves
c. Shoes
d. Scarf
Answer: c. Shoes

4. Where do we sleep at night?
a. Kitchen
b. Bathroom
c. Bedroom
d. Garage
Answer: c. Bedroom

5. Which fruit is yellow and long?
a. Apple
b. Orange
c. Banana
d. Grapes
Answer: c. Banana


6. I ___ a book yesterday.
a. reads
b. read
c. reading
d. will read
Answer: b. read

7. She ___ to school every day.
a. go
b. goes
c. going
d. gone
Answer: b. goes

8. They ___ happy with the new toys.
a. is
b. was
c. are
d. am
Answer: c. are

9. We ___ playing in the park now.
a. is
b. are
c. was
d. will
Answer: b. are

10. I have ___ apples in my bag.
a. a
b. an
c. some
d. any
Answer: c. some

Reading Comprehension

11. Tom has a pet dog. The dog's name is Max. Max is very playful and loves to run. What is the name of Tom's dog?
a. Sam
b. Rex
c. Max
d. Tim
Answer: c. Max

12. Sarah likes to read books. She reads every night before bed. When does Sarah read books?
a. In the morning
b. At noon
c. In the evening
d. Before bed
Answer: d. Before bed

13. John and his sister go to the park every Sunday. They play on the swings and slides. Where do John and his sister go every Sunday?
a. School
b. Mall
c. Park
d. Zoo
Answer: c. Park

14. The cat is sleeping under the table. Where is the cat?
a. On the table
b. Next to the table
c. Under the table
d. In front of the table
Answer: c. Under the table

15. Lisa has a new bicycle. It is red and has a basket. What color is Lisa's bicycle?
a. Blue
b. Yellow
c. Green
d. Red
Answer: d. Red

Daily Activities

16. We ___ breakfast in the morning.
 a. eat
 b. eats
 c. eating
 d. ate
 Answer: a. eat

17. After school, I usually ___ my homework.
 a. do
 b. does
 c. doing
 d. done
 Answer: a. do

18. My father ___ to work by car.
 a. go
 b. goes
 c. going
 d. gone
 Answer: b. goes

19. We ___ TV in the evening.
 a. watch
 b. watches
 c. watching
 d. watched
 Answer: a. watch

20. She ___ a letter to her friend last night.
 a. write
 b. writes
 c. writing
 d. wrote
 Answer: d. wrote


21. Which animal is known as the king of the jungle?
 a. Lion
 b. Tiger
 c. Elephant
 d. Bear
 Answer: a. Lion

22. What do cows give us?
 a. Wool
 b. Eggs
 c. Milk
 d. Honey
 Answer: c. Milk

23. Which animal can fly?
 a. Dog
 b. Bird
 c. Fish
 d. Cat
 Answer: b. Bird

24. Which animal lives in water?
 a. Horse
 b. Rabbit
 c. Fish
 d. Goat
 Answer: c. Fish

25. What does a bee make?
 a. Bread
 b. Honey
 c. Butter
 d. Cheese
 Answer: b. Honey

Numbers and Colors

26. What is 5 + 3?
 a. 6
 b. 7
 c. 8
 d. 9
 Answer: c. 8

27. What color is an apple?
 a. Blue
 b. Red
 c. Purple
 d. Black
 Answer: b. Red

28. How many legs does a spider have?
 a. 4
 b. 6
 c. 8
 d. 10
 Answer: c. 8

29. What is the color of grass?
 a. Red
 b. Blue
 c. Green
 d. Yellow
 Answer: c. Green

30. What is 10 - 4?
 a. 4
 b. 5
 c. 6
 d. 7
 Answer: c. 6

Family and Friends

31. Your mother's mother is your ___.
 a. Aunt
 b. Grandmother
 c. Sister
 d. Cousin
 Answer: b. Grandmother

32. Your father's brother is your ___.
 a. Uncle
 b. Aunt
 c. Cousin
 d. Nephew
 Answer: a. Uncle

33. Your sister's daughter is your ___.
 a. Nephew
 b. Cousin
 c. Niece
 d. Aunt
 Answer: c. Niece

34. Your brother's son is your ___.
 a. Nephew
 b. Cousin
 c. Uncle
 d. Aunt
 Answer: a. Nephew

35. Your father's sister is your ___.
 a. Cousin
 b. Aunt
 c. Niece
 d. Nephew
 Answer: b. Aunt


36. What shape is a ball?
 a. Square
 b. Circle
 c. Triangle
 d. Rectangle
 Answer: b. Circle

37. What shape has three sides?
 a. Square
 b. Circle
 c. Triangle
 d. Rectangle
 Answer: c. Triangle

38. What shape has four equal sides?
 a. Square
 b. Circle
 c. Triangle
 d. Rectangle
 Answer: a. Square

39. What shape is a book?
 a. Square
 b. Circle
 c. Triangle
 d. Rectangle
 Answer: d. Rectangle

40. What shape is a slice of pizza?
 a. Square
 b. Circle
 c. Triangle
 d. Rectangle
 Answer: c. Triangle


41. What do you use to write?
 a. Knife
 b. Spoon
 c. Pencil
 d. Fork
 Answer: c. Pencil

42. What do you do with a book?
 a. Eat
 b. Write

 c. Read
 d. Play
 Answer: c. Read

43. What do you use to cut paper?
 a. Knife
 b. Scissors
 c. Fork
 d. Spoon
 Answer: b. Scissors

44. What do you do with a ball?
 a. Cook
 b. Draw
 c. Play
 d. Read
 Answer: c. Play

45. What do you use to eat soup?
 a. Fork
 b. Knife
 c. Spoon
 d. Pen
 Answer: c. Spoon


46. How many days are in a week?
 a. 5
 b. 6
 c. 7
 d. 8
 Answer: c. 7

47. Which month comes after March?
 a. January
 b. February
 c. April
 d. May
 Answer: c. April

48. How many hours are in a day?
 a. 12
 b. 24
 c. 48
 d. 60
 Answer: b. 24

49. Which day comes after Monday?
 a. Sunday
 b. Tuesday
 c. Wednesday
 d. Thursday
 Answer: b. Tuesday

50. Which season is the coldest?
 a. Spring
 b. Summer
 c. Autumn
 d. Winter
 Answer: d. Winter

Semoga contoh soal-soal ini membantu dalam persiapan belajar siswa!

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