15 Simple Present Tense Positive Negative Interrogative Exercise

Simple Present Tense Positive Negative Interrogative Exercise

1. A: What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
1. B: I usually ... up at 5 am.

A. wake
B. woke
C. wakes
D. waking

2. A: Does he often cycle?
2. B: No, he ... it.

A. doesn't likes
B. doesn't like
C. don't likes
D. don't like

3. A: Does Andi often visit his grandparents?
3. B: Yes, he ... them every 2 weeks.

A. visit
B. visits
C. visited
D. visiting

4. A: ... you often ... things online?
4. B: Yes, quite often.

A. do, buy
B. do, buys
C. does, buy
D. does, buys

5. A: How do you go to school every day?
5. B: I ... to school by motorbike.

A. going
B. goes
C. gone
D. go

6. A: How many times ... Andi ... in a day?
6. B: Andi takes a bath twice a day.

A. do, shower
B. do, showers
C. does, shower
D. does, showers

7. A: Who repairs your vehicle?
7. B: My dad always ... it, because he's a good mechanic.

A. do
B. does
C. done
D. doing

8. A: Do you like to study online or offline?
8. B: We ... offline learning.

A. prefer
B. prefers
C. preferred
D. preferring

9. A: What does Dina usually do at Aunt's house?
9. B: She ... care of Grandma.

A. take
B. took
C. takes
D. taking

10. A: ... you often ... movies at the cinema?
10. B: Not really, only if there's a good movie.

A. do, watch
B. do, watches
C. does, watch
D. does, watches

11. A: Do you like to study English?
11. B: Yes, I do. I often ... English.

A. practicing
B. practiced
C. practices
D. practice

12. A: Where does your mother usually buy daily necessities?
12. B: My mother usually ... daily necessities at the traditional market.

A. buy
B. buys
C. bought
D. buying

13. A: How often does he call his mother?
13. B: He ... her every week.

A. call
B. calls
C. called
D. calling

14. A: How many children does Ms. Ana have?
14. B: He ... 3 children.

A. has
B. Had
C. Have
D. Having

15. A: Does Andi often go to concerts?
15. B: No, he ... often ... to concerts.

A. don't, go
B. don't, goes
C. doesn't, go
D. doesn't, goes

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