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Contoh Soal Simple Past Tense Essay Beserta Jawabannya

Contoh Soal Simple Past Tense Essay Beserta Jawabannya.

Complete the sentences with the simple past tense of the verbs in parentheses.

1. The boys _____ (whisper) secrets to each other.

2. Uncle Ben _____ (hurry) to catch his bus.

3. We _____ (return) our books to the library.

4. She _____ (kiss)  the frog and it _____ (change) into a prince.

5. Someone _____ (tap) me on the shoulder.

6. The baby _____ (cry) when we took her toy away.

7. John _____ (pin) the badge onto his jacket.

8. Two doctors _____ (rush) into the room.

9. This is the house that we _____ (live) in when I was younger.

10. My grandfather _____ (lower) himself into the chair.

Key Answer:
1. whispered 2. hurried 3. returned 4. kissed, changed 5. tapped 6. cried 7. pinned 8. rushed 9. lived 10. lowered

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