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Compound Words: Open, Closed, Hyphenated, and Exercises

A Compound Words.

A compound word is made up of two or more words. It expresses a fixed meaning and may belong to one of the two patterns: 

Compound Words: Open, Closed, Hyphenated, and Exercises

1. Main word + subordinating word, e.g. ‘ill-treat’, ‘kindhearted’, and ‘blackboard’,

2. Main word + main word, e.g. ‘raincoat’, ‘real-life, and ‘life-long’.

A compound word may be a noun, adjective, or verb. If the words are joined together, they are solid compounds, such as ‘bookshop’; if the words are hyphenated, they are hyphenated compounds, such as ‘mother-in-law’; if the words stand separate, they are open compounds, such as 'selection committee'.

Exercise 1

Complete each sentence with a suitable compound noun from the list. Use the plural form, where necessary. 

income - overcoat - bill-collector - match-maker - school-leaver

1. Mr. Hill has a good monthly ..., and he saves most of it.

2. It is cold. Don't forget to put on your ... when you go out.

3. Mr. Beins was very shy. He met his wife through a ...

4. A ... must be very patient in collecting from others.

5. Some ... hope to get a good job soon.

Exercise 2 

Complete each sentence with a suitable compound adjective from the list. 

man-made  - sunburnt - wind-blown - horse-pulled - smoke-filled 

1. Quite a few tourist spots in this country do not exist naturally but are ...

2. The fireman made his way into the ... kitchen.

3. The fishermen came home with ... hair.

4. On our roads today, we cannot see any ... carts.

5. Working for a long time in the sun, many workers look dark with ... skin.

peace-loving - second-rate - second-hand - last-minute - long-distance

1. ... nations do not want wars. 

2. As Harry cannot afford a new luxurious car, he has bought a good ... one.

3. There should not be any ... change in the newly proposed plan.

4. I seldom go to the cinema and I do not enjoy watching any ... film. 

5. It seems quite inexpensive to make ... calls to other countries.

Exercise 3

Complete each sentence with an appropriate compound noun formed by combining the two underlined words. 

1. The sun is shining and the children are playing and enjoying the ...

2. The light from the sun came in through the window. The ... brightened up the whole living room. 

3. The small boat saved the sailor's life. He was lucky to find a ...

4. They built a sail for the small boat and went to another island in the ...

5. Do you like to walk on the shore by the sea? I enjoy walking along the ... very much. 

6. The storm wrecked the ship. The survivors of the ... swam to shore.

7. There was no room to move as reporters crowded outside the ... court. The was also filled. 

8. I like the new ... . The arms of this chair are firm and the legs are sturdy. 

9. Though dark outside, we could see by the light of the moon. The whole area was lit up by the ... .

10. The warm sun bathed her as she rested on the beach. She enjoyed the ... .

11. Mother enjoys keeping the house clean. She is a good ... .

12. You can buy good books in that shop. It is popular ... here. 

Exercise 4 

Complete each sentence with an appropriate compound adjective formed by combining the two underlined words. 

1. He was soaked in sweat after the jog. He took off his ... shirt and put on a dry one. 

2. The kitchen is filled with thick smoke. A ... kitchen needs to be ventilated.

3. He is rather ..., and will not be affected by your remarks. His friends used to say his skin is as thick as that of a rhinoceros! 

4. Mr. Lee gave Mrs. Lee a huge bouquet of ... roses. The sweet smell filled the air. 

5. The ... elderly man speaks Mandarin with a light accent.

6. Her ... hair looked a mess after having been blown by the wind coming in through the window. 

7. Sam gave himself a good shave and washed it clean. He is more comfortable now that he is ... .

8. When he became older, his hair grew grey. A ... man now, he seemed to look wiser. 

9. The old man’s mind is not open to new ideas; he has never been ... .

10. Why are your eyes filled with tears? Are these ... eyes looking for sympathy? 

11. James is ... today. He does not need to be on duty on his day off.

12. Mrs. Wang dresses herself well. She is often ... at important events.

Exercise 5

Fill in each blank with a suitable compound adjective from the list. 

seaborne - bed-ridden - man-made - smoke-filled - hen-pecked - wind-blown - steam-driven - poverty-stricken - sunburnt - breast-fed - air-conditioned - horse-pulled 

1. Quite a few scenic spots here are ... . They do not naturally exist.

2. There is quite a lot of ... trade between our country and other countries. 

3. Don'tstay in a ... room for too long; it is not good for your health.

4. Steamships and trains were ... .

5. We sympathize with those who are sickly and ... .

6. According to medical reports, ... babies grow better and healthier. 

7. All the classrooms and offices in the universities here are fully ... .

8. I find it hard to believe why so many people are still ... in this modern world. 

9. Our hair was disheveled after being ... for a long time.

10. ... carts are still available in less developed countries. 

11. I stayed out in the sun for too long and was ... .

12. A ... husband is one who is scared of his wife. 

Exercise 6

Fill in each blank with a suitable compound verb from the list. Be sure to use the correct verb form. 

outshine - overawe - outwear - undergo - undertake - undervalue - overlap - underlie - outweigh - undermine - overhaul - overhear 

1. How often do you ... your ten-year-old motorcar? 

2. Good leather shoes are more expensive, but they are comfortable and ... poor quality shoes. 

3 The benefits of the current project far ... the risks involved. 

4. Our country has ... great changes in the last three decades. 

5. it is obvious that excessive drinking and smoking have ... his health. 

6. Don't talk so loudly in case someone next door ... our Conversation.

7. Economics and political science can be studied together; because these two subjects ... in various ways, 

8. Joelle ... all her classmates and was ranked number one in class. 

9. Nancy looks dull. What ... her lack of interest in her studies? 

10. Nowadays, people tend to overvalue money and ... friendship. 

11. They are determined to succeed, whatever job they ... .

12. The tourists were ... by the sight of the Great Wall of China.

Exercise 7

Fill in each blank with a compound noun formed by combining the word in the brackets with one of these particles: under, after, out, back, or by. Use the plural form where necessary. 

1. The people waited anxiously for the ... of the elections. (come) 

2. John is an ... in the university. (graduate) 

3. Idid not propose this at the meeting; it was just an ... . (thought) 

4. The speaker's rude remarks were met with a strong ... of anger. (burst)

5. The workers’ ... was caused by a disagreement over their working conditions. (walk) 

6. Our government is on the ... for skilled foreigners to work here. (look)

7. Despite some minor ... , the new plan is workable and will be carried out. (draw) 

8. Though Peter was discharged from hospital, he needed a period of ... . (Care)

9. There is a strong ... of unhappiness among the men in the street. (current)

10. Don't you know that this ... is a shortcut to the bus station? (way)

11. Every motorist keeps a spare tire in the boot of his car as a ... . (stand) 

12. The government has just announced that there will not be any ... . (election) 

Exercise 8

Fill in each blank with a suitable compound adjective formed by the underlined words. 

1. I shave every morning, and clean it thoroughly. ... I feel more alert and confident.

2. Who is that little girl with a sweet face? ... girls are adorable, aren't they?

3. The seats of Sam's car are covered with genuine leather. ... seats are more expensive than fabric seats, 

4. I have just received a letter written by hand. The long ... letter is from an old friend. 

5. The singer has beautiful blue eyes. The ... singer is attractive. 

6. Many movies are packed with action. The ... movies attract young people.

7. Huts in a fishing village were battered by the storm. The ... huts need repairing. 

8. Many school desks were stained with ink. It would take a long time to clean all the ... desks. 

9. Is your father’s mind open to new ideas? He appears to be a ... very man.

10. Most machines today are driven by engines because ... machines are more powerful. 

11. His hair has turned grey. He looks older now that he is ...

12. I prefer cars with hard tops simply because ... cars are safer.

Exercise 9

Fill in each blank with a compound adjective from the list, 

law-abiding - time-consuming - labour-saving - peace-loving - heart-breaking - face-saving - first-class - second-rate - last-minute - second-hand - short-sighted - long-distance 

1.. Hecannot afford a new car; a ... car will do. 

2. If you want to stay in a ... hotel, you have to pay much more. 

3. There should not be any ... changes to our plan. 

4. Is it expensive to make a ... call to Australia? 

5. It is ... not to spend on your children’s education. 

6. Have you ever heard of any famous film star or singer who Stays in a ... hotel? 

7. Almost all our people are obedient and ... .

8. We save a lot of time when we use ... machines to work for us. 

9. On hearing the ... news, the woman broke down and cried. 

10. Let me give you a ride. It is too ... to take a bus.

11. It is always necessary to find ... ways of solving a human problem.

12. ... nations are against wars. 

Exercise 10

Fill in each blank with a compound noun from the list. 

overcoat - downpour - outlay - layout - downfall - outlet - outcome by-product - make-up - intake - oversight - income 

1. Mr. Lee has a good job with a high ... .

2. I think the actress has too much ... on her face. 

3. As our university is expanding, it will increase its ... this year.

4. Tom forgot to sign his letter as a result of an ... .

5. The final-year students waited impatiently for the ... of their examination.

6. Pollution is a ... of industrialization. 

7. There will be a large ... for the development of life science.

8. It is cold outside. You must put on your ... if you want to go out.

9. The fast-food chain has opened another ... in the new shopping mall.

10. The ... of Jason's new house is very impressive.

11. Many people were caught in this morning's ... .

12. That king’s wickedness brought about his final ... .

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