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Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Greeting and Leave Taking

Contoh soal pilihan ganda greeting and leave taking.

Direction: answer the following questions correctly by choosing A, B, C, or D, 

Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Greeting and Leave Taking ~ Tekno English
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This dialogue is for questions number 1 and 2.

Bobby arrives at his school on Monday morning. At the school’s lobby, he meets Mrs. Cathy Johnson, his mathematics teacher. 

Bobby:  (1)...
Mrs. Johnson: Good morning, Bobby. 
Bobby: (2)... 
Mrs. Johnson: Very well, thank you. 
Bobby: Did you have a nice weekend? 
Mrs. Johnson: Yes, thank you. 

1. The best greeting for this is ...

A. Hi, Cathy.
B. Hello, Mrs. Johnson.
C. Good Morning, Mrs. Cathy.
D. Good morning, Mrs. Johnson.

2. The most suitable expression for this is ...

A. How's life? 
B. How are you today? 
C. What's up?
D. How do you do?

This dialogue is for questions 3 and 4.

Linda and Marry is an old friend. One day, Linda is sitting at the cafeteria with John, her new friend in art class, when she meets Marry.

Linda: Marry, long time no see. How's everything with you?
Marry: Hi, Linda. (3) ... thanks. What about you?
Linda: Not so good. I have tons of homework to do.
Marry: Er, that sounds bad. I hope you can finish it soon.
Linda: Yeah, thank you. By the way, This is John, my new friend in the art class.
Marry: Oh, hello, John. I am Marry, Linda's friend. Nice to meet you.
John: (4)... 

3. The best phrase to respond to a greeting is ...

A. I have a headache.
B. Good morning.
C. Everything's fine.
D. How are you getting on?

4. The correct expression is ...

A. Yeah, thank you. 
B. Nice to meet you too, Marry.
C. See you, Marry. 
D. Catch you later.

This dialogue is for questions number 5 and 6.

Karen and August are taking an English class together. Karen has been helping August with her project. 

August:(5) ... Thanks for your help, Karen. 
Karen: Sure, anytime. 
August:(6)..., bye. 
Karen: See you. 

5. The correct expression for leave-taking is...

A. I have to go now. 
B. Good morning, Karen.
C. I am sorry, Karen. 
D. I hope to see you again. 

6. The best expression is... 

A. Good night 
B. See you at class tomorrow
C. Goodbye 
D. Take care

Direction: answer the following questions correctly by choosing A, B, Cor D 

This dialogue is for questions number 7 and 8, 

Tina: Hello, Dr. Hill
Dr. Hill: Hello, Tina. (7)... 
Tina: I am very well, thank you. And you?
Dr. Hill :(8)...

7. The best expression is ...

A. How’s life?
B. How are you?
C. Good morning.
D. How do you do? 

8. The best expression to respond to the question is ...

A. I am fine, thank you.
B. I have a problem with my house.
C. I am Dr. Hill.
D. Never mind. 

This dialogue is for questions number 9 and 10. 

Kate: (9)... 
Edward: Hi, Kate. How are you doing? 
Kate: (10)... I have a toothache. 
Edward: That's too bad. I hope you get better soon.
Kate: Thank you.

9. The correct expression of greeting is...

A. Hi, Edward.
B. I am Kate.
C. Can I have your name?
D. Good afternoon. 

10. The most suitable answer is ...

A. I am very well.
B. I am fine.
C. Not so good.
D. So far so good. 

This dialogue is for questions number 11 and 12. 

Mr. Terry: (11)... . I am Mr. Terry. I am your new teacher for this semester.
Students: Good morning. 
Mr. Terry: How are you today?
Students: We're fine, thank you. And you? 
Mr. Terry: Very well, thank you. (12) ...
Students: It’s good to see you too.

11. The correct expression that corresponds to the dialogue is ...

A. Good morning.
B. Hello everybody
C. How do you do?
D. What's up, buddy?

12. The best expression to complete is ...

A. It’s good to see you.
B. I am very happy.
C. Is it good? 
D. Let's start the lesson, students.

This dialogue is for questions number 13 and 14

Ms. Ingalls: Good morning, Keiko. 
Keiko: Oh, good morning, Ms. Ingalls. (13) ... 
Ms. Ingalls: I'm fine, thank you. I'm enjoying this weather. 
Keiko: Yes, so am I. By the way, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Yuna. She is my friend from Japan.
Ms. Ingalls: Hello, Yuna. How do you do? 
Yuna: (14) ... 

13. The best expression to complete the greeting is ...

A. How have you been?
B. What's up? 
C. What are you doing?
D. How are you today?

14. The best expression to complete the parting is ...

A. Goodbye.
B. See you again.
C. How do you do, too.
D. Nice to meet you, too.

This dialogue is for questions number 15 and 16. 

Tommy: Hi, (15)... 
Paul: Hello, good afternoon. Excuse me, are you a new student here?
Tommy: Yes, I am Tommy. And you? 
Paul: I am Paul. (16)... Tommy. Please take a seat here. It’s ok.
Tommy: Nice to meet you too Paul. Thanks. 

15. The best answer to greet people for the first time as in is ...

A. How are you? 
B. Good morning. 
C. Good afternoon.
D. Good to see you. 

16. The most suitable expression is ...

A. Nice to meet you,
B. How do you do,
C. Love to see you,
D. Great to meet you,

17. Teacher: Ok, students. The time is up and let's close the class. Remember, there will be a quiz
                       next week. ... 
      Students: Thank you, Sir. Have a nice weekend too. See you on Monday. 

The correct expression of leave-taking is ...

A. Goodbye. 
B. Have a nice weekend.
C. See you. 
D. Catch you later.

18. Andy: Upps, I am sorry Bob. It’s 9.15. ... I have an appointment with my dentist. 
      Bob: Take it easy. Andy. Goodbye then. See you tonight.
      Andy: See you. 

The best expression for is ...

A. Take care. 
B. Bye, Bob. 
C. You have to go. 
D. I've got to go now.

This dialogue is for questions number 19 and 20. 

Jim: Well, it’s nice talking to you. 
Carrick: (19) ... We should really hang out again Sometime.
Jim: Yeah, I'll call you later, (20)...
Carrick: See you later, Jim.
Jim: Bye.

19. The best expression to respond to Jim is...

A. I must go now. 
B. It’s nice talking to you too.
C. See you again.
D. Really? Ok. 

20. The correct expression to complete is ...

A. Good afternoon.
B. Good night.
C. See you, Carrick.
D. Bye.

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